At Westhaven Solar, we strive to be the recognized   leader in providing clean, renewable, energy technology solutions, unparalleled customer service, and an empowering place in our communities. 

Looking for those “cheap” foreign solar panels wrapped up in pretty packaging? Well, you won't find them here. At Westhaven Solar, what you WILL find is quality craftsmanship and a dedication to customer service. We sell only the finest, made in America solar panel technology. We design, build, and install all of our solar systems in-house, under one roof, NOT contracted out to some faraway firm or foreign subsidiary. 

Westhaven Solar also regularly maintains all of its customers’ solar systems, and we fully warranty them for up to a 25 year period. Since 2001, Westhaven Solar has maintained its leadership position of growth, as well as serving as a positive influence in our communities both environmentally and technologically.
From high efficiency HVAC systems to radiant floor heating and water filtration, Westhaven Solar is the single-source leader in providing the best available sustainable technologies to our customers.

Over the last 15 years, here's what our customers have said:

1. You want the straight and simple truth about solar and alternative energy systems, not some pre-scripted pitch or PowerPoint presentation.  

2. You want a local contractor to build the power plant on your roof, not a national marketing agency. 

3. When you call your local energy provider, you want to speak to a human being, not a robo-call or some foreign call center. 

4. You want a local contractor that is deeply rooted in your community and that helps to provide opportunities to family and friends.

We consider ourselves blessed to have achieved steady growth since 2001 and have been able to affect such a positive change in our communities environmentally, financially and technologically. 

From high efficiency HVAC to radiant floor heating to water filtration, we are always pushing to provide the best available sustainable technologies to our customers from a single source. 


At Westhaven Solar, we install only the finest residential and commercial solar cell panel technology. Universally regarded by industry insiders as the best panels in the world, SunPower’s Maxeon solar cell technology has been smashing efficiency records for years.

With a 30 year track record of technological innovation and over 200 “genius” patents, SunPower offers the best solar cell technology and warranties in the industry – up to 25 years.

  • Optimum low light performance
  • Efficient steady energy production
  • Best industry-wide warranty
  • The only Cradle to Cradle Green manufacturer in the industry.

The Most Power

When compared to conventional solar cell panels, Maxeon quality cells produce 75% more energy over the first 25 years.

Westhaven Solar has assembled California’s largest sustainable product offering from one contractor for just one reason - to make your “green” conversion process operate more efficiently. We supply, manage, source and install all the products needed for our modern communities. One contact, one schedule, and one company is responsible for getting it done: Westhaven Solar.

And it's not just homeowners who have chosen SunPower technology more than any other manufacturer. Here are some top names in Industry who’ve chosen SunPower as their preferred solar provider: