Did you know that today’s solar technology is based on a “lucky invention”? Back in 1839, scientists discovered a way to generate electricity by placing an electrode in a conductive solution.

As it evolved and grew, the fledgling solar industry underwent several big changes. In 1954, with AT&T/Bell leading the way, scientists began to use silicon instead of gold to manufacture its solar materials. (Silicon was discovered to be a much more efficient and cheaper material to use than gold.)

Soon thereafter, the use of solar received a stamp of approval from science luminaries like Albert Einstein, and even the U.S. space agency NASA. In 1977 under the Carter Administration, the White House began to use and install solar panels! 

And although the basic technology of solar has remained the same, the COST of providing solar energy has not! While switching from materials like gold to silicon has certainly had an impact on this keeping costs down, at Westhaven Solar we believe this is just a simple recognition of where our best source of inexpensive power is: the Sun!

It's the reason why Westhaven Solar is so passionate about what we do, and is reflected in our commitment to providing affordable clean and renewable solar energy to both commercial businesses and homes alike.

The beauty of PV (photovoltaic) solar cells is that there are no moving parts, and no “gears” that break. Just electrons that “jump.” At Westhaven Solar, we choose panel components that are of the highest quality with manufacturer’s warranty with as many as 25 years.


The Evolution Of Solar