Is this you?

I’ve installed LED bulbs, a high efficiency air conditioner, and even a whole house fan. Isn’t that enough? Why is my electricity bill still going up?

While electricity rates for both commercial businesses and residences will climb as much as 7% each year with no end in sight, the cost of solar has dropped more than 50% since 2007. There’s no better time to get off the grid!

Why switch to solar?

In one word...SAVINGS! The benefits of installing Solar has NEVER been better or easier to reap: Consider this: 

  • Solar power represents 75% of new U.S. electricity generation, and more than half a million U.S. homes and business have now gone solar. In fact, Americans are installing solar every 3 minutes! 
  • Inflation is a thing of the past and you get dependable energy year after year, for 20 years at the same locked in price.
  • Solar panels shade large areas of your roof, effectively stopping the heat load into your attic, resulting in cooler rooms underneath. 
  • Environmentally clean, eco-footprint. 
  • Westhaven Solar takes care of everything for you from design, permitting, installation, and maintenance. You get a worry free system, complete with warranty and a power production guarantee.
  • Better yet, ask your neighbors who have installed a solar system from Westhaven Solar what they’re saying. They’ve already tested the clean energy for you and the savings for your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are all PV panels the same?

A. No; PV panels are no more the same than various car models, ranging in efficiency the same way cars range in miles per gallon. Many solar companies sell lease programs without disclosing the panel manufacturer upfront. As you would never lease a car off the monthly payment amount only, we think you’d like to always know the manufacturer as well. Westhaven Solar offers top name brand solar systems that produce the highest efficiency, and best warranty available. Westhaven offers brands such as Panasonic, SunPower and QCell. 

Q.How much does solar energy cost?

A. In many markets, solar costs less than traditional electricity. At Westhaven Solar, we are able to install your system for zero out of pocket costs and you pay less every month for clean, abundant solar energy than you would to your utility company. Learn more

Q.How will solar panels look on my roof?

A. Our modern, low profile designs, and signature all black X-series panels look great and we make every effort to maximize their beauty using strategic panel placement, hidden wire conduit, and geometric layout. Learn more

Q. What if my panels don’t produce enough power?

A. Your local utility provider will simply send you a bill at their standard kWh rates, along with their monthly service fee. Learn more

Q. Will I get credits from my utility company with Solar?

A. If your PV (Photovoltaic) system produces more energy than you used that month, your local utility provider will automatically credit you for future usage. Both your local utility provider and Westhaven Solar can help you determine how much. Learn more

Q. How long will my installation take?

A. At Westhaven Solar the goal of our expert installation team is to have you up and running in a single day! Learn more

Q. How does solar power work? 

A. Photons from the Sun cause the electrons in the silicon wafers and other cell material to become “excitable”. As the electrons jump back and forth in pockets inside the cell, they gather momentum and flow from cell to cell, panel to panel. This energy is captured in wires placed on top of the cells that direct the DC energy to an inverter mounted near your AC energy that is compatible with your home and utility grid. Learn more

Q. What is a solar lease? 

A. Essentially, you rent your power for 20 years at a 0% down, and a flat monthly payment. Unlike some solar providers who do not disclose the manufacturer of the solar panel, Westhaven Solar always discloses this. Imagine if you leased a car for $200 a month and were not allowed to know which manufacturer and model you were getting. We think you’d like to know. Learn more

Q. What if I want to sell my solar home?

A. If you own the system, it simply stays with the house as part of the sale. If you’ve leased or taken a loan for your solar system, there is a simple one page transfer document involved. Let the professionals at Westhaven Solar show you how.  Learn more