As Northern California’s #1 SunPower Installer, we’ve streamlined our process to produce a cost effective turnaround, and bulk solar panel purchasing power to offer you the best pricing available. 

At Westhaven Solar we recognize that simply having a “good” product is not enough. ESSENTIAL to our continued growth and future success is an understanding and reflection of good foundational principles that underly our entire existence.

At Westhaven Solar, we face this simple but true challenge everyday by helping you understand that buying solar is not really “buying” at all.. It’s actually an investment in your home that pays immediate, recognizeable dividends on something you already need and use: ENERGY. And at Westhaven Solar,we can help you obtain that needed power for much less than what your paying to your current utility provider. And better yet, at a fixed price.. Let the professionals at Westhaven show you how..