The process of going solar doesn’t stop when your solar panels are installed. The Westhaven Way of doing business means we’ll be there to help you with your questions and ensure you have the ability to monitor your solar panel system throughout its long lifespan. 

Solar monitoring makes certain that your solar panels are working properly by tracking the power output of your system. With solar monitoring, you gain 24/7 peace of mind that your panels are working as efficiently as possible. Importantly, you’ll also gain the ability to view how much money your solar system is actually saving you in energy costs. Solar monitoring gives you real-time visibility into the number of kilowatt hours of electricity your solar panels are producing at any given moment in time for San Diego solar power. 

What you need to know about solar monitoring            

Monitoring solar panel output  is a great tool to continually track how well your solar power system is working. Its an easy way to see the amount of energy youve produced and follow the proper power output of your solar panel system.

 Solar monitoring software allows you to easily view how many kilowatt hours of electricity your solar panels are producing at any given moment in time. In the unlikely event something were to go wrong with your system — a faulty wire or panel, for example — your solar monitoring system will pinpoint the specific issue so that you can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Solar monitoring also provides you quick and easy ways to track how much money your solar system is saving you in energy costs. 



The type of solar monitoring software installed will depend on your solar panel system and the type of inverters it uses. Whether you want real-time statistics or system updates, SunPower, Solar Edge, Enphase and Locus solar panels each include monitoring systems that allow access to information to help you to track all that you want to know about your system’s energy production.








How a solar monitoring system works

Monitoring solar panel output allows you to see the energy your system is producing in a quick and simple way with software installed with your solar monitor. With solar monitoring, you can track not only your solar panels’ daily energy production, but its lifetime production as well. You can even access detailed information about your solar generation at any time online or with a mobile app. Not only will you be able to keep track of how your system is working, but by installing a solar monitoring system, we’ll be able to keep an eye out from our end of things as well. This helps to ensure that your solar system is running properly and efficiently. If it isn’t, solar monitoring helps us to respond quickly to get things working properly again.




After you’ve received permission to operate your solar panel system, one of our closeout specialists will visit with you to walk you through your solar monitoring equipment and software. Our closeout specialists are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to answer any and all of the questions you may have concerning your solar monitoring system. They’ll take the time to review with you a binder of information we specifically assemble for every customer. The information in your binder includes important documents, such as your permits and warranty information, which help the closeout specialist give you the best explanation of how your system works. During the in-home visit with our specialist, you’ll be taken step by step through the specific online monitoring service installed for your solar panel system, so you know exactly how to view your system’s production at any time. If a central inverter was installed with your solar system, the closeout specialist will explain the different indicators on the inverter’s display screen, making sure you know just how your solar monitoring system works.


Types of solar monitoring systems


With every SunPower system, we install a unique monitoring system to track your daily energy production, allowing you to access detailed information about your solar energy generation at any time online or with a mobile app.

With your SunPower solar monitoring system, you’ll have access to important information such as the number of tons of harmful carbon dioxide that your solar system has kept you from emitting into the atmosphere over the lifetime of your system. The SunPower solar monitoring system also enables you to view your lifetime bill savings, as well as how much of your day’s energy usage came from your solar system versus any alternative energy source.

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