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Westhaven Inc. Taps Jeff McCaffrey as COO

Cross-Industry Executive Veteran Will Oversee Westhaven’s Growing Operational Footprint


Yuba City, Calif., February 4, 2020-- Award winning, ultra-reliable energy solution
provider, Westhaven Inc., today named executive veteran, Jeff McCaffrey, as its new chief operating officer. In this role, he will manage the optimization of the company’s standard operating procedures, including “lean methodology” the company rolled out a few years ago to bring more value to every customer. 


“With the increased demand for clean and more reliable energy solutions from residential and commercial customers, we’ve seen a massive surge of growth in the business,” said Brett Joerger, chief executive officer of Westhaven Inc. “As we head into 2020, a key strategic priority is to sustain this pace of growth and the momentum. Therefore, all the great operational work that we’ve been doing needs to be tightly tied to our growth strategy that Jeff has been spearheading.”

Recently, Jeff was the chief strategy officer at Westhaven, where he was responsible for the firm’s growth strategy, and practice management strategy. He will continue to retain his existing responsibilities.

Prior to Westhaven, he was the chief operating officer at MyOutDesk, a global virtual assistant staffing company, with over 5,000 clients across a variety of industries. He established standard operating procedures and scalable systems, where the organization’s revenue doubled and grew retention levels by more than 50 percent. He also served as the president of Baily’s Inc., a multichannel merchant for outdoor work gear and power equipment, and increased profitability by 400 percent over a period of 24 months, after assuming executive operations.

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