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Solar panels have become one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world. According to resources, the solar market is expected to double in size by 2023, thus becoming a $4.5 billion market in future. The popularity of solar power has led to the rise of another renewable technology, solar battery backup that can store extra solar power for later use.

How Does a Solar Battery Storage Work?

Similar to your mobile phone, a solar battery storage collects electrical energy that can be used at a later time. One of the common uses for a home battery storage in a home is to charge the battery from your solar system and use that energy to power all the essential devices, in situations when the power from the grid is out.

Never Feel Powerless

Don’t let bad weather, unexpected outages or rolling blackouts put your life on hold. Westhaven Solar makes energy independence a reality. By adding solar battery storage to your system, you can control how much energy is saved and when it is used. This way your lights would stay on, your phones can charge and your refrigerator will stay cold.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

  • By adding solar battery storage to your solar installation, you can power your home around the clock with clean, renewable electricity.

  • You can protect your home in an outage, power essential appliances & electronics and enjoy peace of mind with home battery storage.

  • You can use solar energy generated during the day to offset evening usage and take complete control of your monthly bill.

Solar Battery Backup System For Home

If you have a solar power system, a residential battery storage will allow you to capture the energy produced by your system during the day, and use it when you need it. Westhaven Inc. provides solar battery backups that are a great way to maximize the savings provided by your home’s or business’s solar energy system.

For those still on the grid, our solar battery storage uses intelligent software to manage your usage throughout the day and night. This allows you to harvest lower cost energy during the mid-day and late at night, when TOU prices are lowest, and store it for use when the rates are higher. This is known as ‘peak saving.’ This home battery storage can help you save money, provide emergency backup power in case of an outage, and allow you to use stored solar power at night. Don’t let your utility company have control – you can achieve true energy independence with this cutting-edge technology.

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