Solar Panel Sale For Residential Businsses



A great way to generate clean energy is on unused space on the property’s roof.


Roof mounted solar systems are the most popular solution for home or business owners. A roof is typically unused and unobstructed space on top of the property. These characteristics make roofs an ideal surface for leveraging your current space and making it useful to you.


Roof mounted systems can range from small 2kW systems all the way up to large multi-megawatt systems. Solar modules are lightweight and can be installed on any roof style, including tile, shingle, and metal.


Our custom designed systems allow for optimal performance and return-on-investment. Our rooftop solar systems are aesthetically pleasing and virtually worry-free. Each system includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A whole house cooling fan, mounted in the ceiling of a central hallway, draws cool outside air in through open doors or windows and forces the hottest indoor air out through the intake and exhaust vents on the roof. Whole house fan installation creates a comfortable living environment and also reduces the air conditioning load for the next day.

Whole house cooling fans are effective whenever the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, especially during evening and night. It uses just one-tenth energy of air conditioning and helps drastically lower the energy bills.

Benefits of Whole House Fan Installation

Did you know that a whole house cooling fan can save you up to 50 - 90% off A/C related electricity costs? A whole house cooling fan is capable of cooling down a home faster than an air conditioning unit. You do not require to leave your fan switched on all day, as is recommended in case of an A/C.

In addition to this, it offers many other benefits, like

  • Efficient refreshment of the entire home in minutes

  • Eliminates stale air during winters

  • Improves air quality and removes odors

  • Quickly cools during hot and humid summers

  • Helps reduce air conditioning costs

  • Creates a healthier home environment

Besides being significantly quieter, the new whole house cooling fans have insulated, motorized, sealed damper doors. They don’t require framing during installation. Moreover, a smaller fan running all night long uses much less energy as compared to an AC. The best part is that the house becomes cooler in the morning.

Westhaven Inc. – Your Whole House Fan Installer

A whole house cooling fan offers a ventilation cooling system for the home that uses less energy than a traditional air conditioner. Whole house cooling fans help consumers save money, enjoy better health and cool their home for just a few pennies every hour. Learn how a whole house cooling fan can save you money in your home with the professional team at Westhaven Solar.

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