Solar Panel Sale For Residential Businsses



A great way to generate clean energy is on unused space on the property’s roof.


Roof mounted solar systems are the most popular solution for home or business owners. A roof is typically unused and unobstructed space on top of the property. These characteristics make roofs an ideal surface for leveraging your current space and making it useful to you.


Roof mounted systems can range from small 2kW systems all the way up to large multi-megawatt systems. Solar modules are lightweight and can be installed on any roof style, including tile, shingle, and metal.


Our custom designed systems allow for optimal performance and return-on-investment. Our rooftop solar systems are aesthetically pleasing and virtually worry-free. Each system includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Did you know? Every day, up to 72 trillion allergens can infiltrate your home and 40 lbs of dust can accumulate in a year. You may have an unhealthy home.

There are several indoor air quality technologies, from air purifiers to filtration systems, that can drastically reduce the level of pollutants and allergens inside your home. 


Let the experienced technicians at Westhaven help you get set up with the perfect air purification system for you and your family.

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