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Once your equipment arrives at our headquarters, your permit is in hand, and your home is at the top of our queue, it’s time for installation. The entire installation can take one to three days, depending on the complexity of the design and your unique roof. The following are the steps of the installation process:

  • Our technicians will start by preparing your roof to ensure the tiles or shingles will be attached appropriately 

  • Next, they’ll connect the electrical wiring that will connect to your general power system and electrical panel

  • Once the electrical wiring is done, racking will be installed to support your panels 

  • After that, the panels will be placed on to the racking 

  • Lastly, the inverter system will be connected to the panels to convert the Direct Current (DC) energy coming out of the panels into Alternating Current (AC) energy that can be used by your home and the electric grid.

Once installation is complete, we will prepare for your final building inspection.

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