Solar Panel Sale For Residential Businsses



A great way to generate clean energy is on unused space on the property’s roof.


Roof mounted solar systems are the most popular solution for home or business owners. A roof is typically unused and unobstructed space on top of the property. These characteristics make roofs an ideal surface for leveraging your current space and making it useful to you.


Roof mounted systems can range from small 2kW systems all the way up to large multi-megawatt systems. Solar modules are lightweight and can be installed on any roof style, including tile, shingle, and metal.


Our custom designed systems allow for optimal performance and return-on-investment. Our rooftop solar systems are aesthetically pleasing and virtually worry-free. Each system includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Do you know, a new central air conditioning system can save up to 58% energy every year? Do you know that the EPA estimates that older cooling systems can account for 40%-60% of your home's electric bill? So, why waste money on an old heating and air conditioning unit? 

What do Air Conditioning Experts Have to Say?

Heat records have broken and temperatures are getting higher all over the country. You don't want to get caught in this heat without a malfunctioning heating and air conditioning unit. It's more than just uncomfortable.

If your air conditioner needs a tune-up or a full replacement, or if you never had an air conditioner and you need one installed, don’t just sit and swelter. Call Westhaven Inc. and get relieved fast.

No matter how tough the job, our experienced air conditioning experts are always ready for action. 

Installing A New Heating & Air Conditioning Unit

We do understand how tricky it can be to get the perfect heating and air conditioning system, especially when you are building a new home or retrofitting your current residence. There are multiple factors that should be taken care of.

Westhaven takes care of all your problems, answer all your queries and helps you make the best decision for your new heating and air conditioning system. We assist our customers to find the perfect equipment that will suit their needs.

Westhaven Inc - Your Local Heating & Air Conditioning Company

Westhaven has been providing residents of Yuba City with top quality HVAC services for more than 15 years. Our team of professional technicians have extensive experience in heating and air conditioning systems.

Our air conditioning experts guide the customers about the process, design a system that fits their home, their energy demands, and their budget. With our comprehensive services and proficient staff, we assure complete comfort.

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