6 Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Tips
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6 Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Tips

Coz It’s Time To Get Your Green On

While schools hold the key to student education and awareness, students hold the key to the future of our environment. And therefore, educating children about green ways of living is a must. Kids learn a lot from their day-to-day work and surroundings and an Eco-friendly school can do a lot in educating them.

These days, students and schools are being challenged to be at the center of green efforts, everyday. Any why not? Schools use a lot of resources, from printing off uncountable test papers to using energy to light up a whole gym. Therefore, schools should opt for different ways to educate students on environmentally friendly habits and they can also implement a few habits on the school level, as well.

This may seem like a big responsibility, but all it takes is a little elbow grease to fulfill.

So, whether you are a pro at going-green methods or just started with your Eco-friendly baby-steps, these six back-to-school tips require little effort and may help you in making a huge difference when it comes to going green.

Eco-Friendly Back-to-School Tips

Pre-Sharpened, Colored Pencils (Made from Recycled Newspaper): Children love to use fancy stationaries. Teachers and parents can encourage the kids to use Eco-friendly pencils made out of recycled paper. This way, kids can contribute to the environment, as manufacturing of pencils from trees leads to unnecessary deforestation. Did you know recycling just one 2.5-foot stack of waste papers will save a 20-foot pine trees? Then why cut down trees to make them? (Amazon $24)

Reusable Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce disposable plastic waste. This one Eco-friendly back-to-school tip can save tens of millions of single-use plastic bottles and cups from litter and landfill. (Amazon $4.36)

Reusable Lunch Bag: Did you know plastic bags break into small pieces and seabirds often mistake them for food? Yes, plastic bags not only pollute the environment, but when floating in water, these bags resemble jellyfish, which confuses the seabirds and is often hazardous for their life. On the contrary, reusable lunch bags are an Eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic sandwich bags, which negatively impact our environment. (Amazon $13.87)

Recycled Paper Notebooks: All of us would have written and doodled our way through multiple school notebooks and so many number of pages would have remained empty at the end of the school year. But the appeal of new stationary is always hard to resist. Despite of this, do you know, recycled paper notebooks reduce total energy consumption, particulate emissions, net greenhouse emissions, wastewater, solid waste and wood usage! (Amazon $6.92)

Recycled Calculator: Every kid needs a calculator, and there's no getting around that. But why not use a calculator that's a little easier on the environment? Recycled calculators range from basic computation calculators to advanced scientific calculators, made from recycled lenses and plastic. And unsurprisingly, some of them look pretty slick, too.

(Sharp Calculators $19.99)

Earth Bags (Made from recycled plastic water bottles): A sturdy backpack is an essential for children, and the most Eco-friendly option is to simply reuse an existing bag. But many of them are sure to retire from the frayed and fading backpacks. For all those children, earth bags are a perfect option. Made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, the interiors of these earth bags are lined with repurposed vinyl from billboards. Even a single bag can make a difference.Helping Mother Earth isn’t incentive enough, these tips may have a positive impact on your wallet too. (Haiku $140.00 )

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