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At Westhaven Solar, we believe that protecting your solar investment is crucial. Found nowhere else in the solar industry, Westhaven’s PoWr Guard Program is YOUR power production guarantee protecting your solar system investment 24/7.


When you purchase a solar system from Westhaven, you will receive PoWr Guard free for two years. After which you can continue to receive Proactive Alert based monitoring for a low monthly fee of $9.99 per month/$99.00 per year.


Just one incident of alert and action can save you hundreds of dollars in lost production! Do not experience what many solar system owners have which is lost power production from a system that turned off.


If you are not watching your system daily and do not have a vigilant PROACTIVE monitoring service the loss of power production and energy savings is very real.


Continual Performance Monitoring

With over 15 years’ experience in designing, operating, and installing solar systems,  Westhaven Solar knows what power your system should produce, regardless of any given month. We constantly monitor your systems performance online so that any potential shortfall is immediately addressed.


Our Inverter Functionality Guarantee


Westhaven Solar guarantees you a speedy response time for any malfunctioning solar inverter. We team up with National manufacturers to quickly get your inverter back up and running to its peak performance.


Constant System Communications

Westhaven Solar continually monitors your system and notifies you via text, email or phone call of any potential issues with your system.


Dirty Panel Alert


 Included in your PoWr Guard program is our monthly solar panel performance monitoring. Designed to ensure peak solar panel performance, this alert allows customers to be notified by Westhaven Solar of the need to have their solar panels cleaned. (Cleaning service not included in the PoWr Guard program.)





With every system purchased from westhaven for a period of 24 months.*

After which the customer can elect to pay $9.99 monthly or $99 annually. Or discontinue the poWr Guard.

*Affordable Peace of Mind: PoWr Guard is only $9.99/mo. or $99 for a full year!* For newly installed
systems, PoWr Guard comes free with every solar system purchased from Westhaven for a period of
24 months. Thereafter, customers can elect whether or not to remain with their PoWr Guard plan.


(*PoWr Guard begins from customer’s PTO date and ends after the period of 24 months unless
customer has subscribed.) *Monthly PoWr Guard Reports: Customers receive monthly updates
regarding their solar system power production and performance.

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