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California Consumer Protection Guide

Putting solar on your home is an important financial decision. Don’t sign a contract until you read this.

You should be cautious...

If a solar provider claims that they can provide free solar energy.

If a solar provider is trying to convince you, you will never have to pay any electricity bill once you install the solar system.

If your service provider is trying to rush you to sign the contract without giving you enough time to read and review what you are signing

The Truth About Solar...

Solar energy is rarely free and an honest service provider will be upfront about all the costs you will pay over time.


Even after you go solar, you sometimes pay a small electricity bill every month and a larger bill at the end of the 12 month cycle.

California law requires a salesperson to show the contract terms to the customer, before they sign.



You can always ask for a copy of the solar contract and financing agreement in the language in which the salesperson spoke to you.

Solar Energy System Disclosure

As per the law, a solar provider must provide you with a completed Solar Energy System Disclosure Document created by the Contractors State License Board, which includes the total cost of your solar energy system.

Cancelling Your Contract

You can always cancel your contract for any reason within three business days. If your solar provider refuses to cancel the contract, you can report them to the Contractors State License Board.

No Pressure

Do not feel pressured to read the contract, while the salesperson waits. You can always take your time and tell the salesperson to come back at a later date. 


Ask for the Contractors State License Board number and make sure it is valid by calling 800-321-CSLB (2752).

Make sure to ask...

  • If there is any down payment, how much you would be paying every month and when are the payments expected to increase and by how much.

  • The lender about the interest rate, the annual percentage rate (APR) and a contact person whom you can connect with in case you have any questions about the loan payments.  



  • In case you are planning to sell your house, you should know your options and what do you need to do. In the event you decide to sell your home, your solar provider or lender should provide you with your options.

  • Make sure you check with your service provider about the timelines, the start and finish date for installing the system. Once the installation is complete, how long will it take for your electricity provider to send you a written approval to turn your system on. Make sure you are provided accurate timelines for your solar installation and system turn on."


  • If you install and own a solar system by the end of 2019, there is a 30% federal tax credit available. The tax credit will drop to 26% for systems installed in 2020 and 22% for those installed in 2021.  Find out more!

Check out the official California Solar Consumer Protection Guide more details about everything discussed.

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